FinClub's multi-tier management team works round the year, brainstorming new ideas, improving existing systems and solving problems to ensure excellence.

Teams at FinClub are appointed for every financial year (April-March), allowing the seniormost batch a window of 3 months to train and advise the new team.

 Team FinClub FY24 (2023-24)  Team FinClub FY23 (2022-23)

Work Structure

FinClub's multi-tier team structure includes a board of advisors with the Faculty Advisor, former Core Team members and distinguished alumni, an executive team which comprises the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Joint Secretaries, and a group of Coordinators and Analysts divided into operational teams for Treasury, Editorial, PR & Marketing, Tech & Innovation and Logistics, and functional teams based on our pillars of work - Finance, Investment, Social Impact, Consulting and Analytics.

Team FinClub is appointed on an annual basis, with students selected based on performance in annual recruitment tests and interviews, participation in club activities and relevant achievements.

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